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    Jessica Notini is a mediator, trainer, negotiation coach and she
    has developed and led many workshops for both private entities
    and public institutions in the areas of leadership and influencing,
    teambuilding, communication skills, negotiation, mediation, and
    conflict resolution.  She has adapted these courses to the needs
    of a wide variety of professionals including project managers,
    division leaders, human resources personnel, judges, attorneys
    and administrators.  

    Ms. Notini is an Adjunct Professor teaching negotiation, mediation
    and alternative dispute resolution to both law and business
    students at Stanford Law School, Boalt School of Law, Hastings
    College of the Law, University of San Francisco Law School, SFSU
    Executive Business Management Program and Mills College MBA
    Program.  She is also a Senior Consultant with Accordence.

    A fluent Spanish speaker, she has provided negotiation and
    mediation training in Spain, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico, she has
    served as a consultant to the Congress of Peru regarding the
    development of mediation legislation, and has presented as a
    keynote speaker in a variety of conferences and congresses.

    Ms. Notini is a leader in the field of alternative dispute resolution in
    California.  She served for three years as President of the
    Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California (formerly
    NCMA) and served on the Board of Directors for the Mediation
    Society of San Francisco.  She is past Chair of the California State
    Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and belongs to a
    number of bar associations and other local and national
    professional organizations.  Prior to her work in alternative dispute
    resolution, Ms. Notini practiced environmental law.  She received
    her J.D. in 1989 from the University of Michigan where she
    graduated magna cum laude and was awarded the Order of the
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