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Jeanne McGuire

    As co- founder of The Focus Group Team, Ms. McGuire has
    extensive experience in the areas of organizational development
    consulting, coaching, and training. She provides facilitation to
    executive teams in strategic planning and customized skill training
    programs in multiple disciplines. Bose Corporation, Chemical
    Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Motorola-Codex, Staples,
    John Hancock, Liberty Mutual, The New England, Waters
    Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, The Putnam Companies, Ikea,
    programs designed especially for them.  Her work has been
    recognized with “Preferred Vendor” awards from many of the
    corporations she has served.

    To ensure skill training that accelerates the achievement of
    business objectives, Ms. McGuire has designed 45 training
    programs and has directly trained more than 30,000 individuals.  
    She created Connections, a powerful, simple, and easy-to-
    understand organizational development model that has been
    used by leaders and managers with remarkable results to align
    individual and team performance with business goals.   Jeanne’s
    most recent work in “Servant Leadership” has been achieving
    profound transformation of organizational cultures through
    teaching people at all levels “to serve first” and to “inspire and
    equip all people that you influence.”

    Clients characterize Ms. McGuire as a “skilled coach and effective
    facilitator and presenter, and a creative training designer who
    understands process and what needs to be achieved.”  She has
    an uncanny ability to effectively get to the bottom of a problem.  Her
    work has been lauded as “thorough, highly customized and
    enthusiastic,” “a resounding success,” and “quick and
    responsive to practical situations.”

    Ms. McGuire began her career in economic and employment
    training research.  Her designs for public/private sector
    partnerships in employment for the City of Boston and Tampa,
    Florida have received recognition from the President’s
    Commission on Employment Policy and Stanford Research

    Ms. McGuire is certified in Meyers-Briggs, Prosci Change
    Management and The Leadership Circle tools.  She has been a
    corporate trainer for Boston University Education Center since
    1993 and an instructor at the University of California at San
    Diego's Business Extension School in Customer Service
    Management. She has lectured at Harvard University’s School of
    Social Planning, the National Vocational Center at Ohio State
    University, the University of Rome, Italy, and other academic and
    corporate institutions on models of motivation and training for a
    diverse work force.
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