Target Your Skill Building For Managers & Staff

Management Development

    Management Development
    2 or 3 Day customized skill development.
    New and Experienced Managers

    Virtual Management
    2 Day Skill Development
    New and Experienced Managers

    Negotiation Essentials and Conflict Resolution
    2 Days Using Client Specific Situations
    Managers and HR Associates

Sales Training

    Customer Focused Selling (CFS)
    1 or 2 Day Customized Sales Training
    All levels of the Sales Organization

Customer Service

    Customer Service Management
    2 Day Customized Plan Development
    Customer Service Managers and Supervisors

    Action Service
    2 Day Customer Service Skill Training
    Indirect and Direct Service Staff

    Dealing with Difficult Customers
    1 Day Interactive Behaviors Skill Training
    Indirect and Direct Service Staff

Team Development Team Communication Strategies

    Team Communication Skills Training
    2 Day Team Communication Skills Training
    Includes feedback, conflict management, and influencing skills All Levels of Teams

    Team Performance Strategies
    2 Day Team Performance Skills Training
    Project and Pilot Teams, Top and Middle Management

    Professional Skill Development
    Communication and Collaboration Skills
    2 Days
    All Levels of the Organization

    Challenging Conversations
    1 Day
    All Levels of the Organization

    Influencing Skills and Conflict Resolution
    2 Days
    HR, Team Leaders, Managers

    Disciplined Problem Solving/Opportunity Seeking
    1 Day Skills Training
    All Levels of the Organization

    Facilitation Skills
    2 Day Facilitation Skills Training
    New and Current Facilitators of Teams

    Professional Staff Development
    2 Day Professional Attitudes, Behaviors, and Skills Training
    Clerical and Support Staff

    Making the Presentation
    2 Day Skill Development
    Sales People, Sales Teams,and All Professional Presenters
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