Sales Assessment & Training - Start with a clear look at
where you are today.

    The Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT) gives you an
    objective look at your people’s strengths, their skills, and
    specific areas that need improvement.  The SSAT provides a
    detailed, accurate quantification of the selling abilities across
    your organization—vital information that lets you focus your
    sales training initiative for maximum impact and maximum
    revenue growth.

Available in various industry editions and specific sales

25 question, on-line survey, with targeted scenario-
based questions to assess skills in the 5 areas of the
sales cycle

    The statistical data you get from the SSAT is tailored to the way
    you manage your organization.  It includes individual reports and
    an overall summary by department, geography, sales teams, or
    any grouping you choose.
    Customer Focused Selling (CFS)
    Improve your team’s skills with targeted training.  Your Sales
    Skills Assessment (SSAT) analysis gives you a solid
    understanding of where your team stands—and where they
    need to go. In Customer-Focused Selling (CFS), they’ll gain the
    specific knowledge they need to consistently achieve better
    sales results.

    This is not your typical “sales seminar.” In a highly interactive,
    adult learning format, CFS provides all the core competencies
    needed for effective consultative selling—with special
    emphasis on the particular areas shown by the SSAT to need

    It’s training uniquely designed to be used every day, not
    memorized. For every skill taught, there’s an immediate
    application to a real-world business situation the participants
    are facing. They can see the applicability for themselves, and
    they come away from the program enthusiastic and ready to put
    the new learning into action with their own customers and
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