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    The Predictive Index
    As part of a worldwide network of Licensees and Associates    
    for the Predictive Index® (PI), we help you align individual
    performance with your specific business goals.

    Used by over 7,500 clients around the world, PI meets all  
    EEOC guidelines, can be administered in 64 languages, and
    has more than 5,500 validity studies to assure our clients are
    making informed decisions about job fit.  

    PI looks at workplace behaviors; the natural drive and
    motivation each person brings to the job.  This objective, non-
    judgmental data, gives you an understanding of each person's
    style of:

Decision Making
Problem Solving
Attention to Detail  

    Applications of PI
    The Predictive Index (PI) helps solve many of your business challenges:

Define job requirements that reflect actual job demands.
Attract, select, and hire the right people for the right
Redeploy your current staff for the best job fit.
Communicate successfully with diverse individuals and
Build strong teams that are focused and motivated.
Coach/Mentor to positively impact performance.
Deal effectively with conflict.
Promote the people who will be best suited to the
challenges of the next position.
Motivate and retain valuable employees.
Plan for succession.

    The PI Process
    The Predictive Index process is a combination of assessment,
    education, and consulting.  This unique combination gives
    managers and leaders the valuable insights they need for
    employee selection, coaching, leadership development,
    succession planning, team performance, and improved

    The PI Survey is a workplace-related behavioral assessment
    tool which helps managers identify the drives and motivations
    of their people.    

    The PRO (Performance Requirement Options) helps to identify
    the behavioral demands and drives necessary for superior
    performance on a specific job.  

    The PI Executive Management Workshop is a 2 or 3 day off-site
    meeting with your leadership team.  Your teams are trained in
    the PI body of knowledge and applications while working on
    your actual business issues.  Contact us to discuss or
    schedule a workshop.

    We are a continued resource to you as you begin PI
    implementation, helping you to integrate PI into all of your key
    processes.  As part of a worldwide network of PI Licensees   
    and Associates, we have the ability to give you the training and
    consulting you need no matter where you are located.

    AccessPI Website Database
    AccessPI brings the speed and convenience of the Web to your
    desktop; all of your valuable PI data resides on a highly secure
    central server, accessible from any Web-connected computer,
    any time you need. it.
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