Mediation & Negotiation

    Our workshops on influencing and negotiation move from
    learning the basics to handling more difficult mediation and
    negotiation situations.  

    Challenging Conversations
    This training is an opportunity to practice key communication
    and apply theoretical skills known to improve management of
    difficult conversations.  

    Negotiation Essentials and Conflict Resolution Workshop
    People in the workplace negotiate every day, with colleagues,
    customers, suppliers and others they need to work with in order
    to get their jobs done.  People who become effective
    negotiators obtain better deals, improve their decision making
    and teamwork skills, and resolve conflict more quickly and

    This workshop is a dynamic mix of theory, demonstration and
    practice intended to increase your effectiveness in handling
    conflict situations and any negotiation you undertake.

    Advance Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills
    This course builds on the communication, influencing, conflict
    management and negotiations skills of the “Essentials”
    course.  Focus is on learning and applying advanced skills with
    more complex negotiations and team negotiations.  

    Mixed Negotiation/Mediation Workshop for Human Resources
    People working in human resources are frequently responsible
    for conducting sensitive negotiations or facilitating negotiation
    and resolution of conflict between others in the workplace.  

    This is an opportunity to learn critical negotiation and conflict
    resolution theory to improve both your approach to negotiation
    and the quality of your outcomes.  
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