Strategic Leadership Development

    Based on your specific business objectives, we custom design
    programs using your industry challenges, language and case
    examples. Delivery time frames vary depending on client

    Key elements of our Leadership Development Programs

    Strategic Alignment and Communication
    Senior Leadership Teams design organizational strategy       
    and set financial, customer, internal process, and
    learning/development objectives and measures.        
    Compatible software to track progress is recommended.

    Leadership Skill Development
    Leaders who are most valued learn to overcome reactive
    tendencies and use their strengths to creatively deal with
    change, uncertainty, ambiguity and risk through effective role
    modeling, relationship building, and the ability to act as a
    results catalyst.

    Project Management Executive Overview
    Designed to help senior leaders have a clear road map for the
    creation and implementation of a successful project
    management culture.

    Successful Change Management
    Leaders lean how to implement successful organizational
    change and build a strategy matched to how individuals change.
    Clear sponsorship road maps, communication, training, and
    coaching plans assure individual and collective accountability.

    Predictive Index (PI)
    PI is a powerful predictor of work related behaviors and is used
    to tap individual motivation.  Learn how your style impacts
    others and how to understand the motivating needs of your
    people.  EEOC approved, PI allows you to build an internal data
    base of the unique motivators of everyone in your organization.

    Leadership 360 Tool and Coaching
    This profile measures well researched leadership
    competencies and gives individuals focused data for reducing
    their reactive tendencies and strengthening their creative
    competencies to achieve results. Individual coaching sessions
    are designed to accelerate leadership improvement goals.
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