Customer Focus

    Customer satisfaction and retention is a result of meeting your
    customers’ needs and expectations at both the business level
    of the products/services you offer, and at the personal level of
    the care and attention they experience.  Your business grows in
    terms of revenue and profit to the extent you satisfy your
    customers and keep them loyal.

    Simplicity, not complexity, is the key, achieved by focusing on
    your most profitable customers, knowing what they value, and
    focusing your people on delivering that value in every
    interaction.  We provide three levels of training in Customer

    Customer Focused Strategy
    This program is for leaders who want to assure a focus on
    customers at all levels of their organization.  Delivered as a one
    day executive overview or a two day customized strategy
    development training, participants learn to:

Make the strategic connections between customer
satisfaction and loyalty, and revenue growth and profit.
Know the people, processes, policies, and systems that
impact your customers.
Plan a structured approached to continuous

    Customer Service Management
    This two day program is for managers of customer service staff
    (internal and external).  Participants learn to:

Build a Service Strategy
Map Customer Services Processes
Identify “Moments of Truth”
Define Desire Customer Focused Attitudes and
Develop Performance Standards
Coach and Recognize Customer Focused Performance

    Customer Service Skills
    This one or two day program is for staff who interact with
    internal and external customers.  Participants learn to:

Understand What Customers Need
Deliver Value in Every Interaction
Use Critical Thinking Skills to Handling Difficult
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