Crystell Anthony
Providing Leadership Development Since 1980
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Crystell Anthony

    Crystell Anthony, a co-founder of The Focus Group Team, has
    extensive experience in the areas of organizational and behavioral
    development. She designs and delivers customized skill training
    programs in customer service, personal effectiveness, team
    building, management and leadership development.

    Crystell has worked in partnership with client organizations to
    build and implement high performance cultures.  In the private
    sector, Crystell trains internationally and has worked with over 300
    organizations including: American Express, Bose Fidelity
    Investments, Bank of America, John Hancock, Genzyme, Novartis,
    3M, Raytheon,  Staples, Simon & Shuster and has been
    recognized with “Preferred Vendor” awards from many of the
    corporations she has served.

    In her career she has  designed and implemented 45 programs
    to enhance organizational can individual effectiveness and has
    directly trained more than 20,000 individuals. She co-developed
    the Connections Model, a powerful and easy to understand
    organizational model that has been used by leaders and
    managers  with measurable results to align individual and team
    performance  with business goals.  Her program, Team
    Communications Strategies, has been used as a model for manly
    organizations to build collaborative skills for co-located and
    remote teams.

    Her trainings are developed based on best practices, an
    understanding of emotional intelligence, and the ability to work
    with difference in motivations and priorities.  Crystell‘s team
    building programs and professional development series
    consistently receive superior evaluations on their ongoing
    effectiveness in yielding results.

    Ms. Anthony is known for her creativity, energy and ability to
    facilitate programs that motivate teams and individual contributors
    to higher levels of performance and increased job satisfaction.
    Clients characterize her training as “energizing, and engaging
    while promoting skills that are applicable to the real world.”

    Crystell began her career as Family Therapist and then
    transitioned  to the field of organizational development. Ms.
    Anthony is a frequent speaker at private and public sector
    conferences on self-motivation, Stress Management,
    Collaboration and Team Skills.

    A graduate of Indiana University and Northeastern University,
    Crystell holds an M.ED and CAGS, MBTI Certification and is a
    certified  trainer for the State of Massachusetts . She serves as a
    senior consultant and contributor for Integrated Management
    Associates, The Projex Group and Casey Hall Training
    Associates. She is has been an instructor for Boston University’s
    Corporate Education Department since 1992 and Northeaster
    University Corporate Training since 2006.
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