Successful Change Management

    Change initiatives succeed when a deep knowledge of how
    individuals change is integrated into the change management
    process. The people impacted by the change must fully support
    and engage in the change process.

    In this training, either delivered as a stand alone training or as a
    module in leadership development programs, participants work
    on their own change management project and learn how to
    integrate the key disciplines of leadership, project management
    and change management.  

    Key Success Factors
    Organizational Change Management is aligned with the
    process of personal change.  Leaders learn how to build
    individual awareness, tap into individual desire, provide
    knowledge, monitor individual ability and adaptability, and
    reinforce positive change.

    Change Sponsor is respected, credible, visible, actively
    committed throughout the change process.

Compelling Business Reasons
    The business reasons for change demonstrate clear ROI,
    reflect stakeholder needs, and are used to raise awareness of
    the need for change.

Clarity of Change Vision
    The current vs the future state is defined. The desired outcome
    is clear, easily understood and shared.  It is expressed in
    behavioral terms.

Guiding Coalition & Commitment Engaged
    A guiding coalition for the change process is established. All
    other stake-holders are engaged and all constituents are given
    the resources they need through communications,
    training/coaching, sponsorship, and resistance management

Reinforcement Planned
    Based on clear goals, roles and processes, accountability is
    monitored and behavioral change is rewarded.  Systems and
    structures are used to reinforce change.
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“The rate of change is
not going to slow down
anytime soon. If
anything, competition in
most industries will
probably step up even
more in the next few

- John P. Kotter