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    The Focus Group Team is a consortium of discipline experts
    providing our clients a seamless solution to their business

    Jeanne McGuire has thirty years of experience in the areas of
    organizational development consulting, coaching, and training.
    She provides facilitation to executive teams in strategic
    planning and customized skill training programs in multiple
    disciplines. 

    Crystell Anthony has extensive experience in the areas of
    organizational and behavioral development. She designs and
    delivers customized skill training programs in customer
    service, personal effectiveness, team building, management
    and leadership development. Crystell has worked in
    partnership with client organizations to build and implement
    high performance cultures. 

    Kanan Alhassain is an industry expert and an executive project
    management consultant and trainer providing national and
    international program management consulting, education and
    training services to a variety of industries. 

    Michael Coffey has developed a reputation as a dynamic,
    innovative, and motivational leader with over 20 years of
    experience as a team builder in diverse organizations. His
    ability to ask the right questions, and think creatively &
    strategically gives those he works with a “competitive
    advantage” for developing winning strategies for their future
    and the future of their organizations. 

    Rodney Jackson has extensive background as an executive
    and seasoned professional in organizational change,
    leadership development, operations, and human resources.  
    As a professional facilitator, Rodney brings practical experience
    in strategic planning, communications, team development,
    conflict management, performance management, and
    managing change. 

    Jessica Notini is a mediator, trainer, negotiation coach and
    facilitator practicing in California and internationally.  As a
    trainer, she has developed and led many workshops for both
    private entities and public institutions in the areas of leadership
    and influencing, team building, communication skills,
    negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution. 

    Claudia Pratson is a long time member of The Focus Group
    Team and is an Associate of the Predictive Index management
    resources through Performance PI. 
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